Equine Health & Performance Supplements

For more than 20 years we’ve created and customized health and performance supplements for elite equestrian competitors across Southern California.

Now we bring the best of those products to you.

"Ask me to show you poetry in motion and I will show you a horse."

~ Author Unknown

​Bionic Hoof

Equine nutritionists know that chronic low level inflammation in horse’s hooves can be caused by high levels of Omega-6 in modern horse feed.

The natural chia based Omega-3 in Bionic Hoof can offset that imbalance to help reduce inflammation and soothe your horse’s hooves to promote better healing and hoof strength.

"I have given thee the power of flight without wings."

~ Author Unknown


The five synergistic modes for joint relief supported by the natural chia based Omega-3 in RegeneFlex can help fight inflammation and soothe your horse’s joints for greater comfort, smoother movement and healing.

The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.  

~Arabian Proverb


Many professional trainers report that the chia based anti-inflammatory Omega-3 in Endura+ can help reduce pain and swelling following a heavy workout.

Endura+ can help your horse comfortably work harder and build more muscle with greater endurance and faster recovery.

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“Keep Calm and Ride on.”

~ Author Unknown


Our natural calmative and focus blend, supported by the chia based anti-inflammatory Omega-3 in EquiFocus allows muscles to naturally relax and

let blood flow more freely for better focus and attention so your horse can settle in and focus on their job.

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"Slippery-smooth rhythmic motion, absolute single-minded purpose, motion for the pleasure of motion itself. It was terrible it its beauty, the flight of the horse."

~ Larry Niven, Rainbow Mars

​Like people,
every horse is unique.

But if you feed them like every other horse, you’re not optimizing their peak performance potential.

We take equine nutrition to a whole new level by customizing to your individual horse’ needs.  Our team works in conjunction with owners, trainers, veterinarians and leading experts in the nutritional industry. Its like hiring a nutritional professional for your barn.

Our Mission  
Healthy Horses. Happy Riders.