The Ars Equus Story

It all started about 25 years ago when my neighbor’s mare was giving birth.

The foal was born with horrible conformation; Its feet were all turned in which caused unnatural wear on its hooves.

From day one that horse was going to need serious care and not ever really be very sound for riding. When he was weaned nobody really wanted a horse they couldn't ride much.

So with $800 in hand I bought a friend named Fon that I would have for the next 20 years.

Little did I realize that when all was said and done, this horse would be the spark that would start my new business.

For the next 2 years after that fateful decision we struggled with different types of horseshoes most of which were hard to keep on because of his poor hoof integrity.

I tried buying several different products. Talked to numerous manufacturers and veterinarians. Read numerous studies on hoof supplementation.

But at the end of all that research, I came to the conclusion that a very large portion of the hoof supplements on the market were overpriced garbage.

They either had to much of an ingredient ( trying to impress me with quantity over quality) or to little of an ingredient because it cost to much and hurt the profitability of their product.

So I decided to develop my own formulation and use what I could determine were the most functional ingredients from the better products on the market. The best of the best as it were. Added all together. Then for a real difference, I used some common sense ingredients about what would contribute to Fon’s overall health (like microbials for better utilization).

But before I started Fon on my new invention, I ran my formula past a few veterinarians and farriers to get their opinions. Their feedback was completely positive and Voila, Bionic Hoof was born.

Fon was now my guinea pig. Wanting desperately to get him out of egg bar shoes and even worse, foam pads and duct tape, we started down the road to a sound hoof (or as sound as we could get for a horse with as many issues as he had).

The goal was reliable hoof integrity. I didn't want a fast fix. From my research I knew it takes about a year for a normal hoof to fully grow out. Certain ingredients can speed up the process but in my opinion they do it at the expense of the hoof integrity.

You can't rush mother nature some things just take time.

So long story short after a few minor changes and many months later. Fon’s hooves were strong enough for normal horse shoes. Because his legs were so turned in, we always were having to compensate at some point and try different farrier tricks to prevent other leg issues.

But at least we solved the most challenging problem.

By now Bionic Hoof was selling by word of mouth (I didn't believe in doing advertising). After I sold Bionic Hoof to a farrier in Texas, he gave some to the vet department at Texas A&M.

A few months later, out of the clear blue, I get a call from Dr. Householder

From Texas A&M. As he introduced himself, Dr H told me how Texas A&M had one of the best nutritional programs for horses in the country.

He then said something that shocked me.

He said he was using bionic hoof and noticed changes in hoof growth that he had never seen before. I knew it was working for my horse and others that purchased it. But, to hear it from such an authority really made my day.

Let me be clear, I'm not a nutritionist, I'm self taught. I regularly talk with some of smartest people in the field of animal nutrition, at most of the major manufacturers of hoof supplements, and continually read the latest articles and studies on nutritional supplementation for horses hooves, muscles, joints and mental focus.

My motivation was born out of the need to save one cute little horse.

My main motivation now is to help you improve the quality of your horse’s life. Don't get me wrong I need to make money too. I figure Fon cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars over those 20 years.

But I make you one promise most big companies won’t. I will not sacrifice the integrity of my products just to make a buck. This isn't the normal testimonial you might see on a website but it's honest and from the heart.

At Ars Equus we aren't veterinarians and we always recommend you talk to a vet about any health concerns.

In addition to the range of products that we’ve created for our hundreds of elite equestrian competitors across Southern California we also provide customized health and performance supplements for our most discriminating riders. If you have questions about any of our products or services we’d love to hear from you.

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