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Bionic Hoof has been a Godsend for my horse Laredo. I received him "free" from his previous owner as he was constantly lame. But with Bionic Hoof, Laredo has gone on to become a Region 2 Champion in Level 2 Dressage. Charlotte H

For 0ver 21 years, we have created health and performance supplements for both elite equestrian competitors and discriminating pleasure riders.

What we continually hear from riders, trainers and vets is:

"My horse is only as good as his feet."

Do any of these sound like your horse?

  • cracked or brittle hoof walls
  • poor hoof growth
  • tender feet
  • lameness from a rock injury

Or, have you just completed an intense competition and want  your horse to recover quickly and maintain optimum hoof condition?

That's why we created Bionic Hoof

20 years Ago

 and have been Continually improving it ever since.

Bionic Hoof is the Optimal Formula For Total Hoof Health. Here's Why:

The Impact Of Chia On Equine Health

Equine nutritionists know that chronic low-level inflammation in horse’s hooves can be caused by high levels of Omega-6 in modern horse feed. The natural Omega-3 in Bionic Hoof can help offset that imbalance to help reduce inflammation and soothe your horse’s hooves.

Probiotic Blend For Gut Health To Aid Digestion

New research suggests some cases of laminitis - which can lead to founder - are due to an unhealthy gut, that has been damaged from deworming and antibiotic treatment. The probiotic blend in Bionic Hoof restores your horse’s gut flora so they can optimize healthy hoof growth.

Biotin, The Essential Building Material For Hoof Growth

The better nutrients you provide for your horse's feet, the stronger and faster they can grow. Research at leading veterinary schools have shown that it takes several months for Biotin, an essential B vitamin to build up sufficiently in the gut. With continued use, biotin enhances repair and supports faster and better quality hoof growth.


Lysine is essential for proper equine nutrition. Equine diets of forage and cereal grains are often deficient in the essential amino acid lysine. This can depress your horse's ability to produce the keratin needed for healthy hair and hoof tissue. 


Bionic Hoof provides Methionine, another essential amino acid that horses cannot produce for themselves. It contains the necessary sulfur for your horse to turn protein into healthy hooves.


A trace mineral involved with growth rate and healing throughout the equine body, zinc can be a powerful synegistic catalyst when combined with biotin and the balanced blend of amino acids in Bionic Hoof.

Give Your Horse The Bionic Hoof Advantage!


30 Day Supply


  • The complete bionic hoof formula
  • you must re-Order Each Month
  • Shipping & Handling $8
  • Experience how your horse will thank you


30 Day Supply

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Best Value


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  • The Complete Bionic Hoof Formula
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  • Join the hundreds of satisfied riders whose horses enjoy the bionic hoof advantage

Here's what riders are saying about Bionic Hoof

My 6 year old Quarter horse Baylee had some real health challenges. But now everyone can see he is much happier and moving better with fluid motion. Rick has worked with me over time to adjust the perfect formula.   Thank you so much!   Charlotte H

Baylee 6 YO QH

I received Bella, a 10 year old Quarter Horse as a flood rescue victim. Her feet were so painful we could barely touch them. Within 20 days we could see the difference. Now her feet are so strong she doesn’t need shoes.      Lisa W

Bella 10 YO QH

If you are not 100% Satisfied with Bionic Hoof within the first 30 Days, simply email or call us. We will cancel your subscription and fully refund your money.

Start Your Horse On Bionic Hoof Now For

  • Strong Firm Footing
  • Decreased Cracking and Splitting
  • Healthier, More Durable Hoof Walls
  • Greater Hoof Tensile Strength

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